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Here are many frequently asked questions for wedding guests


1. Where are you located? Any special directions I need to know?

We are located at W5300 Territorial Rd Elkhorn, WI 53121 . Our main entrance is off of Territorial Rd. Once you turn down Territorial Rd, you will find the main parking lot entrance at the south end of the property - it’s the last (3rd driveway) entrance to the farm! We do place a temporary sign on the corner of the entrance.

2. What kind of parking do you have?

We have a gravel parking lot with handicap parking spaces. Please plan shoes accordingly. The gravel lot is very close to the entrance of the barn and ceremony area so there will not be any long walks involved. We have a total of 80 parking spaces. So carpooling is encouraged. Street parking is not allowed and vehicles will be towed at the owners expense. 

3. Are there Uber/Lyft options near Elegant Acres?

Yes! We encourage the use of ride sharing or carpooling with family and friends. We recommend ordering an Uber or Lyft about 20 min before you want to leave at the end of the night as many drivers come from Elkhorn, Whitewater,  or the East Troy area. 

4. Can I leave my car overnight?

Yes, if you need to leave your car and hop a ride with someone else, we understand. All vehicles must be cleared from the lot by 10am the next day.

5. Can I bring in my own alcohol? Is tailgating allowed?

NO carry in alcohol or tailgating is allowed. If any guests are seen with their own alcohol on the property they will be asked to stop immediately. All weddings are open bar so please enjoy the beer, wine, and spirits the Bride & Groom have provided for you!

6. How far away is the ceremony site? What shoes should I wear to the ceremony?

Our ceremony site is about 50-150 feet from the barn and from the parking area, depending on the ceremony site. All ceremony site are located in the grass so please wear appropriate shoes. The couple will choose either an outdoor or indoor ceremony and sometimes even in extreme temperatures, so please plan on being outside. Planned outdoor ceremonies are always brought inside if it’s raining or thunderstorms are in the area. We do not have any paved pathways to the ceremony sites.

7. Is the barn ADA compliant?

Yes! We have ADA parking spaces, wheelchair accessible bathrooms, and a ramp to get to the second floor!

8. Do you have Air Conditioning or Heat?

We do have both air conditioning and heat in the Bridal and Groom suites. The Barn does not have air conditioning or heat. However, it is very breezy, open, and stays at a comfortable temperature at most times.

9. What can I expect for dinner? What am I going to eat?

Elegant Acres allows the wedding couple to choose their vendors, including their caterer. So each wedding is different in terms of menu and service. We encourage you to ask the couple if you are concerned about what you are going to eat or if you have any dietary requirements.

10. Is this a smoke friendly venue?

We don’t allow smoking or vaping in the barn but we do provide a few different areas outside for smoking and provide receptacles for disposal of your butts and cigars. No illegal drugs or marijuana/THC vaping is allowed anywhere on the property.

11. What is your concealed carry and gun policy?

No guns, knifes, or any weapons of any sort are allowed anywhere on the property, even if you have a concealed carry permit.

12. What are the closest hotels?

We have several options for overnight stays. There is a Hampton Inn and Holiday Inn in Elkhorn, WI (10 minutes away) as well as about a dozen hotel options in Whitewater, WI and East Troy, WI (10-25 minutes away). 

13. What time does the Wedding end?

Bar close is 10:30pm and the wedding ends at 12pm.

14. I have other questions, who should I contact?

Venue related questions can be directed to Elegant Acres at:

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